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Unlock the power to streamline your messaging tasks and maximize impact on the popular WhatsApp platform. Craft personalized messages, share multimedia content, and reach an unlimited audience effortlessly.

Pricing Plans For Every Need of WhatsApp Marketing

Explore our tailored Pricing Plans designed to fit every business need. From monthly subscriptions to a lifetime access option, WappMaster offers cost-effective solutions for your WhatsApp marketing strategy. Select the plan that best suits your goals and start maximizing your messaging impact today!

Powerful Features at Your Fingertips with WhatsApp Bulk Messaging


Write customized messages like using receivers name and other details.

Images + Files

Send Images, Files and Videos to your target market.

Unlimited Messages

Share information about your new products and services to thousands.

Anti-Ban Technology

Auto Slow-Down feature in our app would reduce the chances of your number being blocked by WhatsApp.

Multiple Accounts

Connect any whatsapp number to this software. One at a time. Directly log out from WhatsApp when done.

Contact Grabber

Extract contacts from your phone book or WhatsApp groups for targeted marketing effortlessly.

Looking for WhatsApp Business APIs ?

Are you seeking the WhatsApp Business API to elevate your business communication? Look no further! WappMaster specializes in providing seamless integration and expert support to harness the full potential of WhatsApp for your business. Enhance your customer interactions and streamline your messaging with our tailored solutions.


Explore the effortless process of leveraging WApp-Master for streamlined WhatsApp marketing on your Windows device.

Get License in Email

Purchase your license, and promptly receive a unique license key via email. Utilize this key to initiate your powerful WhatsApp marketing journey.

Import Contacts as CSV

Effortlessly import your contact list in CSV format. Streamline the process of reaching your audience without the complexity—WApp Master simplifies it for you.

Start Sending WhatsApp Messages

With a simple interface, kickstart your personalized WhatsApp marketing campaigns. Engage your audience effectively and watch your messages make an impact.

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Don’t Take Our Word, See What Our Client Say

Discover the real impact of WAppMaster through the voices of our satisfied clients. From retail to travel, businesses praise our personalized messaging and seamless automation for driving engagement on WhatsApp. See how WAppMaster can transform your marketing efforts—straight from those who’ve experienced it firsthand.




Messages Delivered



Active Clients

Seryash Desai

Fashion Retail Store Owner

WAppMaster has truly revolutionized the way we engage with our customers on WhatsApp. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features like personalized messaging and automated responses, we’ve been able to streamline our communication and significantly boost our marketing efforts. The anti-ban technology ensures that our messages reach our audience without any disruptions, and the contact grabber feature has been invaluable in expanding our reach. WAppMaster is a game-changer for any business looking to harness the power of WhatsApp marketing. Highly recommended!

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