WappMaster 1 Week



Experience the power of seamless communication with our flexible and affordable short-term license option. Ideal for businesses looking to boost their WhatsApp marketing efforts or streamline communication for a specific event or campaign. With the 1-Week License, you can enjoy unlimited messaging capabilities, personalized message options, and access to our innovative message rotation feature. Take your communication strategy to the next level with WApp-Master’s reliable and user-friendly platform. Unlock the potential of WhatsApp automation with our 1-Week License today!

With WAppMaster, you can unlock a world of possibilities, from personalized messages to seamless file sharing. Say goodbye to message limits and communication barriers, and say hello to a new era of customer engagement. Explore our powerful features below and take your WhatsApp marketing to new heights!

  1. Personalization ✨: Craft tailored messages using receivers’ names and details, enhancing customer engagement and response rates.
  2. Images + Files πŸ“ΈπŸ“: Share vibrant images, informative files, and captivating videos to grab attention and convey messages effectively.
  3. Unlimited Messages πŸš€: Reach thousands of customers with ease, promoting new products, services, and offers without limitations.
  4. Anti-Ban Technology πŸ›‘οΈ: Ensure continuous communication with customers by reducing the risk of your number being blocked by WhatsApp.
  5. Multiple Accounts πŸ‘₯: Manage various WhatsApp numbers effortlessly, streamlining your communication and outreach efforts.
  6. Contact Grabber πŸ“ž: Easily extract contacts from your phone book or WhatsApp groups for targeted and efficient marketing campaigns.
  7. Message Scheduling πŸ“…: Plan and schedule messages in advance, allowing for strategic timing and improved campaign management.
  8. Analytics and Reporting πŸ“Š: Monitor campaign performance with detailed analytics, enabling you to refine strategies and maximize results.
  9. Template Library πŸ“š: Access a variety of pre-designed message templates for quick and professional communication, saving time and effort.
  10. Auto-Responder πŸ€–: Set up automatic replies to streamline customer interactions, providing instant responses and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  11. Message Rotation πŸ”„: Add variations of the same message for a more realistic and engaging campaign.
  12. Number Rotation πŸ”’: Connect multiple numbers and send a campaign from all of them while rotating the number, increasing outreach and engagement.